We are a member of the company group project of ROTACIÓN project, included in the Conecta PEME 2016 Programme and leaded by GAMESA, together with ACEMETAL, TECDISMA and PULTEC, coordinated by AIMEN Technological Center.

Its aim is to develop innovative and flexible technologies for repairing big sized components exposed to wear, such as transmission elements in WTG, in order to increase its lifespan and minimize thus times and costs of the repair.


We are member of the company group project INTERCONECTA “PARCHE” of R&D, coordinated by AIMEN Technological Center for the years 2013-2014. Its aim is to develop quick-to-use-carbon fibre patches to repair naval metal structures.


2. OHSA 18001

The Safety and Health of Galventus staff is a prime responsibility in our company.

We guarantee the compliance with safety standards in every project by monitoring and following up the safety measures taken by our employees. All our technicians have the appropriate equipment and means necessary to carry out their job safely and appropriately.

We are certified in an advanced Safety and Health Management System, which includes prevention standards in the development of works (OSHA 18001 System, an international certification on working safety and health).

1. ISO-14001, ISO 9001 and EMAS

Galventus Servicios Eólicos S.L. has certification in environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of standard  ISO-14001, certification in quality management system in accordance with the requirements of standard ISO-9001 and Certificate of European Eco-Management Eco-Audit Scheme (EMAS); by means of certifying entity TÜV Rheinland, with the last audit in March 2016.