Our continuous preoccupation to do things efficiently and productively has taken Galventus to dedicate a great quantity of resources in the search for innovation.

Galventus has a technical department of research, development and innovation (R&D&I) which contributes to constant enhancement of our services and allows us to offer a range of specialized innovative services, and of great quality.

The client’s great knowledge and the perspective of the system result in the design the new products adapted for their necessities and in the introduction of new services.

We have carried out the following acts in this department:

  • Development of antitheft devices to safely transport the wind-turbine generators from factory to their assemblage in wind farm.
  • Development of methodologies, software and equipment to study absolute-angle and relative-angle deviations of TCs and rotation plans.
  • Protection profile piece to prevent grease and falling objects from the nacelle.
  • Development of improvement in stall blade wires systems.
  • Development and improvement of new procedures in painting of concrete towers.
  • Improvements in the Galventus platform lift system, in order to reduce the assembly/disassembly time, security and blade access.
  • Currently, we are working on the innovation of a prototype for remote inspection of blades with UAV equipment.
  • Between 2013 and 2015, and we were a member of the company group project INTERCONECTA “PARCHE” of R&D, coordinated by AIMEN Technological Center. Its aim is to develop quick-to-use-carbon fiber patches to repair and reinforce naval metal structures.
  • Currently, we are working in ROTACIÓN project, included in the Conecta PEME 2016 Programme and we are a member of the company group project leaded by GAMESA, together with ACEMETAL, TECDISMA and PULTEC, coordinated by AIMEN Technological Center. Its aim is to develop innovative and flexible technologies for repairing big sized components exposed to wear, such as transmission elements in WTG, in order to increase its lifespan and minimize thus times and costs of the repair.

This department allows Galventus to maintain updated knowledge in the field of new material and work techniques.  We also offer our clients a personalized counseling service from this department.