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MIAMI will develop a new multimaterial component for offshore wind power blades to improve durability of wind turbine components – ITC-20161095

– The project will also make it possible to reduce the costs arising from both transport and installation operations, and maintenance and operation.

– Under the Innterconnecta 2016 Programme, the project consortium is led by EMESA and is completed by GHENOVA, FIBERGLAS, GALVENTUS and TEAIS. AIMEN participates as a collaborating entity.


The MIAMI project “Development of multimaterial structures for offshore applications subjected to high fatigue and corrosion loads in the marine environment” has as its main objective the development of a new multi-material component with high structural requirements for the offshore wind sector, thus demonstrating technically and economically the advantages of the use of composites (plastics reiforced with carbon and/or glass fibre) in structures tipically made of steel.

In this way, these developments will made it possible to achieve improvements regarding durability and a weight reduction of critic components of the wind turbine. Thus, it will be possible to achieve a reduction in costs derived from both transport and installation operations, as well as from their maintenance and operation. Lastly, the cost of power generation will be reduced in line with the main drivers of the sector.

Galicia is a world leader in construction and repair of high-tech vessels having also been established as a world wind leader both for its installed onshore power and for the manufacturing industry of wind turbine components and maintenance wind farms.

MIAMI pursues, therefore, to take advantage of the resources and current technological level of the Galician community for its application in a market with a very promising future.

The proyect results will be validated in a prototype to be installed in the test field of the Galician Energy Institute (INEGA) located in Punta Langosteira, in A Coruña.

Main innovations

In order to reach these objectives, a new multi-material steel-composite transition piece for offshore wind turbines, and a structural monitoring and multimaterial structures corrosion system for offshore applications will be developed in the framework of the proyect. In addition, a design procedure and calculation models for multi-material transition parts shall be stablished.

In adittion, a procedure for composite applying-manufactoring by filament winding for multi-material structures and composite application by infusion at the joint of the multi-material structure will be developed. Finally, an antifouling and corrosión protection solution for multi-material structures will be carried out.

Cross-sectoral collaboration

The MIAMI project, with a budget of 1.7 million euros and a total duration of 30 months, is part of the Innterconecta 2016 Programme.

Within the project consortium there are companies that cover the entire value chain that takes part in the manufacturing of such an offshore structure: EMESA, leader of the  project, is a company specialised in the design, manufacturing and assembly of metallic structures with an extensive experience in the renewable energy sector, in wind towers manufacturing; GHENOVA, an engineering and design company; FIBERGLAS pioneer company in the manufacturing of fiberglass reinforced composite material products; GALVENTUS company dedicated to inspection, repair and services for wind turbines, specialised in composite materials and TEAIS, specialised in the development and manufacturing of special produts for waterproofing and protection, adhesives, paints, etc.

The project also has de collaboration of AIMEN Technology Centre that will participate in the design of the transition piece, performing a detailed study of the materials to be used based on their mechanical and corrosion resistance and developing techniques for monitoring the final prototype materials.